Rental Policy


A good faith deposit of no less than $50 is required on all reservations. All deposits made at the time of the reservation will be applied to the remaining balance due.


A 7 day advance notice is required to cancel. In the event that the lessee (customer) cancels the reservation, the lessor (Boomer’s Bouncers) will retain the deposit for up to one year and is good towards the next reservation.


The lessee grants the lessor the right to enter specified property for the delivery and removal of Boomer’s Bouncers unit(s) at the times agreed upon by the lessee and Boomer’s Bouncers.

Late Delivery

If for any reason the rental unit is not delivered within the time agreed upon bewteen the customer and Boomer’s Bouncers, a proration of $10 per hour, rounded by quarter hour, will be refunded via company credit the following week. Drivers are not authorized to give refunds of any kind under any circumstance.

Inclement Weather

A Boomer’s Bouncers representative will contact the lessee to re-confirm the reservation 2 to 3 days prior to the event. At that time we will discuss the upcoming weather forecast. If it is very apparent at that time that the event will be rained out, a decision to cancel can be made together at that time. If the weather is questionable on the day of the event, together we will make the safest decision possible, prior to the delivery of your inflatables. If it starts raining during your event, unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund.


Any disputes between the lessee and Boomer’s Bouncers will be resolved within the jurisdiction of Chesterfield County, VA.

Public Use

The lessee is required to contact Boomer’s Bouncers for an attendant when any unit is set-up in any public use such as apartment complexes, condominiums, parks or other areas where the public may have access to the rental equipment.

Characters & Equipment

A responsible adult must be present at all times when character(s) are present. Any damage to costumes or equipment is the sole responsibility of the lessee. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or unruly guests, the choice to continue in character is at the sole discretion of a Boomer’s Bouncers employee. Lessees will not be reimbursed should service be discontinued.


Usage of electricity may be required to operate rentals offered by Boomer’s Bouncers. It is the sole responsibility of the lessee to provide electricity. If the lessee does not have access to electricity, the lessee has the option to rent a generator from Boomer’s Bouncers.


Boomer’s Bouncers does not issue refunds or rain checks.


While tipping is not mandatory, tipping is permitted if you feel that the driver provided excellent service.